Apple pressing for juice and cider

It’s a bumper year for apples at Wheatland Farm – we have so many some of the branches are breaking off the trees. So we spent a day pressing some for juice and possibly cider (or that bit could go horribly wrong – we should know by early 2019!). The kit is hired (at a very reasonable price) from Orchards Live, making the whole thing very doable, even for just a barrow load or two of apples. But if you’ve just got a bucket or two later in the autumn, the mill and press will be at the South Molton Apple Fair on 28 October, in the Pannier Market.

There are still plenty to eat, and plenty of blackberries to go round too, especially below Balebarn Lodge. The apples along the lodge path behind Beech Lodge, Nuthatch and Honeysuckle are only just becoming ripe as well, so maybe we’ll do some more later in the year.