#30DaysWild No. 19 Small Copper

#30DaysWild No. 19 Well, since it’s National Insect Week, let’s continue the theme. A bit prettier than yesterday’s caterpillars – this is a small copper buttterfly resting on dry grass on Popehouse Moor SSSI.

Our butterfly book says the small copper is ‘unmistakable, and almost too familiar to merit description’. That might depend on your starting point!

They are certainly lively and catch the attention. The males set up a small territory on a flower head, or even sometimes a bit of litter, while they wait for a passing female. But when they are flying they are sprightly and vivacious, especially with that vibrantly eye catching colour. They turn up in many habitats, so despite being yet another species showing seriously declining populations, there is still a good chance of finding them. There are several generations a year so keep watching – last time we blogged about small coppers it was a September.

As caterpillars, they feed on sorrel – of which we have plenty, especially in front of Beech, Honeysuckle and Nuthatch lodges. So hopefully our colony will thrive into the future.


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