Time to renovate the green cones

It’s a yucky job, but it has to be done occassionally. We’re rennovating the green cones. All credit where it’s due, that’s Ian doing the heavy digging. Our five green biodigesters and 2 wormeries take all the food waste from the guest accommodation at Wheatland Farm, and they work hard!

They are a big part of how it’s possible for us to keep more than 80% of waste out of landfill, which we’ve been doing since at least 2010.

We’ve had them a while, starting with green cones back in 2008, adding more in 2010 and then buildingĀ wormeries in 2016. When the cones get overloaded we sometimes take partially-processed waste over to the wormeries to relieve the pressure.

Along with others, we’ve also been lobbying Torridge District Council to extend their kerbside plastic recycling and take food waste collection out beyond just the villages. They’re promising…but it hasn’t happened yet. And even if they do, it’s better to deal with it on site if possible.

Actually, the compost at the base was pretty rich – it’ll grow some good tomatoes.