Butterfly counts

This year’s Big Butterfly Count is coming to a close – though you can still post sightings until the end of the month.

All you have to do is enjoy a cup of tea for 15 mins and count what you see – the maximum number of each species you can see at any one time.

In our count, the best place to see butterflies was around the wildlife pond in front of Balebarn Lodge.

My favourite are these common blues. This one’s a bit tatty, but still beautiful. It’s the males that are bright blue – the females are a duller brown.

We did a couple of counts on Popehouse Moor, and another in the garden too, but they didn’t have the same numbers or diversity.

Still, we saw more species this year than last year, and more than our count in 2015 too.

Here’s what we saw around the pond:
10 small whites
1 large skipper (or it might have been a small skipper actually)
1 gatekeeper
2 meadow browns
1 painted lady
1 peacock
4 common blue
2 small copper