A bit batty

Remember the bat detector? Well, the results are back. We have at least 6 and maybe 9 different species of bats flying near the eco lodges:


Common pipistrelle

Soprano pipistrelle

Unconfirmed pipistrelle species



Whiskered or Brandt’s


Leisler’s or Noctule

Myotis – species unconfirmed


Of those, Noctule, Soprano pipistrelle and Barbastelle are all UK biodiversity priority species, with Barbastelle listed as ‘rare’ in the most recent UK national monitoring report.


The full results are in the attached Report. This survey was part of the Devon Greater
Horseshoe Bat Project, which is a 5 year partnership project of 18 organisations led by Devon Wildlife Trust and is supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund, as well as other funders.

Time for a bit of bat watching at dusk…