Don’t try this at home kids!

What do you do at your eco lodge on a wet day in Devon? Try to set fire to the pond of course.

Well, OK, not the pond but the gas bubbling up from the ‘Magic pond’ on Popehouse Moor Site of Special Scientific Interest (the best bit of our nature reserve farm). Here, the trees overhang the water and drop their leaves, which eventually rot down and give off something we think is probably methane gas. As the title says, don’t try this at home!

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It’s on our long Wheatland Farm to do list to clear out the magic pond – though it’s not near the top I’m afraid. But if anyone feels like volunteering for a rather mucky task let us know. It involves cromes (long upturned forks) and probably wetsuits! And masses of mud. A task for the summer months we think. Smokers had probably better steer well clear…