Winkleigh’s 350 jam and chutney swap

Any one for chutney?

[Maggie] I’ve been helping with Winkleigh’s contribution to the 10:10 global work party, organised by We had a jam and chutney swap, both online and at the village mini market this Wednesday (13 October).

The idea was to highlight the carbon in our food – which makes up 25-30% of the UK’s contribution to climate-altering carbon, depending who’s counting and how.

I have to say Kim (pictured) did most of the work!

Thanks for coming everyone. Next year maybe we’ll be able to organise something even bigger – a gluttony cook up? A glut stop swop shop?

Meanwhile, here are some stirring thoughts from Devon County Council:

“ Over the course of a year the food we eat in Devon has travelled more than 230 million miles generating around 240,000 tonnes of CO2. Buying local produce from farmers’ markets, box schemes and on-line supports Devon’s economy, reduces your food miles and means you know where your food has come from. It’s fresher, it’s tastier and it’s good for Devon.”