Cutting it fine with the lime

Ian has just about finished the lime render ‘scratch coat’ on the eco lodge – just about in time. Lime needs to stay frost free for several weeks after application or its surface spoils. So it’s pretty late in the year to be rendering the outside of the new eco lodge. But we needed to get it done so we can finish putting back the wooden boards on the higher sections, where they hold down a vapour-permeable membrane that in turn protects the wood-wool boards.

So rather than risk the whole thing Ian has just done the base coat, and the top coat can wait until next spring.

Meanwhile, he’s also┬ástarted on the other side of the ‘sandwich’ wall, putting up the wood wool boards on the inside – and the straw bales behind it. Here he is, taking a break from stuffing the gaps.The lime render, by the way, came from local supplier JJ Sharpe, just 10 miles away in Merton.Constructing the wood wool and straw bale sandwich to insulate Balebarn Ecolodge