Windows arrive for the new eco lodge

It’s nail biting stuff when it’s your own £8000 worth of windows coming off the lorry… The double glazing for the new eco lodge has arrived from ecomerchant, an ethical company supplying sustainably-sourced goods. We went for double glazed throughout in the end, as we wanted the incoming heat (solar gain) that mainly south-facing double glazing offers and didn’t really need the noise reduction triple glazing confers (or the price tag). The windows will still be extremely efficient in terms of energy conservation.

When ecomerchant rang with the delivery details we said ‘OK, we’ll get some friends lined up to help.’

‘You’ll need a lot of good and strong friends’ came the answer!

And one of the nicest things about the day was that people readily turned out to help us get the glazing under cover. Bruce from the school car share, Paul who put us in touch with the gosling lady, Andrew and Tim Roberts, our neighbouring farmers. Thanks to you all, and to local contractor Andrew Tucker for going above and beyond the brief handling job we asked for.

It was like something off Grand Designs, and when the telescopic handler started lifting the main window out of the lorry I was terrified. But Andrew clearly knew what he was doing. You must need real patience to move such a big bit of machinery so carefully and slowly.