#30DaysWild No. 12 Planning to lobby our MP

Last year Maggie joined The Time Is Now mass lobby of MPs about the dual climate and biodiversity crises. This year the lobby is going virtual. Wheatland Farm’s Random Act of Wildness for the day was to sign up for the 30th June event. Will you do the same?

The idea is to get together with other constituents and talk to your MP about the need for climate action, both local and global, and the need to reverse the biodiversity loss we’re seeing everywhere. You can find out who your MP is on the Climate Coalition site, and there’s a template email to send to request an appointment.

Everyone’s thinking about corona virus right now, but the focus will soon shift to the recovery, and we need to make sure our elected leaders ‘build back better’. If there’s to be bail outs, they shouldn’t prop up polluting industries. If there’s to be a stimulus package, it needs to be a green clean one. And haven’t we all been missing access to our favourite green open spaces during lock down? Now’s the time to tell your MP how important nature and wildlife is to you, and how you need them to protect it.

We didn’t feel our MP really grasped what needs to be done after last year’s lobby, but we did feel it was worthwhile taking part. So we’ll raise our voices again.

#30DaysWild Previously

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This time in 2018: Large skippers were at the pond. We have them in good numbers this year too.

This time in 2017: We’d got the Wheatland Farm air quality results back from a national survey we took part in – and we were gloating.