#30DaysWild 10: The Turbine Walk

Spring has sprung up on Wheatland Farm turbine walk, and it has got severely overgrown. So for today’s Random Act of Wildness we took the mower out and cut it back so it’s ready when our lovely guests return to the eco lodges in a few weeks.

This is a fenced off path along the top of Lower Newland Moor, near where the wind turbine is. To get there, just walk through the lodge field to the southwestern corner, go through the first gate, and turn right before the second. The turbine walk gives you a dog walk even when cows are in the field, and there’s a point at the end where you can perch on the old turbine blades or maybe even have a picnic, if you feel so inclined. Or it might just be a quiet contemplation spot that suits anyone seeking a few moments to themselves.

We hope to add a pedestrian gate into the main field at the end soon, but at the moment this is an out and back farm stroll.

Previously on #30DaysWild

This time last year: We were admiring the thistles. The bees really do love them, and there always seem to be plenty of thistles, even when we try to control them. Often you can see several different bumblebee species on the same marsh thistle. Those are the really tall ones. Being biennial they’re not to problematic. It’s only the creeping thistle we wage war against.

This time in 2018: The orchids were out on Popehouse Moor. This year, they are only just coming into flower. It’s been such a dry spring that it probably won’t be the best year for heath spotted orchids.

This time in 2017: We were trying out our very own Wheatland Farm cider – a sparklingly good brew! Come to think of it, there’s probably some of last year’s still in the barn. Might have to go check that out.