Making Copper Dragonflies With Ian

Half term often means holidays for families with young children. So Ian has been making copper dragonflies…

In the school holidays we usually offer some sort of craft or wildlife activity to anyone staying in the lodges – often people want to make something on the pole lathe. But if you’re a bit too young for that, how about a wire dragonfly?

We find a bit of recycled copper wire (we’re still using up left over cable from when the wind turbine was installed back in 2011), straighten it in the vice, then wrap it around a guide that Ian has made. With a few twists and turns you soon have your very own Wheatland Farm souvenir!

And when the sun comes out (it is being quite generous this week) there’s still every chance of seeing a real dragonfly at the wildlife pond below Balebarn Lodge, perhaps an inquisitive southern hawker, a delicate migrant hawker, or a strikingly red common darter.