Baby bunnies

Easter has come early to Wheatland Farm. There are bunnies everywhere. One baby bunny spent a morning last week hanging around the farmhouse back door and ocassionally trying to jump through the glass. Today, we found a youngster in the turbine room – Wheatland Farm’s wet weather ‘garden/coffee room’. Here are a couple of clips. Spring has sprung!

Last week’s break in attempt…

This morning, we spotted something brown and fast in the turbine room – then a big brow eye peering out from behind a stone. After scuttling around the place and refusing to be chased out, it stuck its head in a flower pot and tried its luck with the ‘if I can’t see you, then you can’t see me line. But there was a cute fluffy bum sticking out the back to give the game way….

Normally, it’s the death sentence for rabbits caught in the turbine room.

But we couldn’t be that mean….