Big Butterfly Counts start again

The Big Butterfly Count is back on! It runs from today, 20 July until 12 August.  Here’s our first counts for 2018:

Around the Wheatland Farm wildlife pond

Comma 1

Small white 6

Ringlet 3

Meadow Brown 4

Small skipper 1

Brimstone 2

Silver Washed Fritillary 1


And in the garden around Wheatland Farm farmhouse

Peacock 2

Small White 1

Ringlet 2

Gatekeeper 1

Silver Washed Fritillary 1 (seems to be a good year for silver washed fritillaries).

We’ve been taking part in the Big Butterfly Count since 2015 now (here’s last year’s counts) – why don’t you join us? The more the merrier.  All you need is the app from Butterfly Conservation (or a piece of paper and a pencil – we can enter the info for you if you don’t want to) and 15 minutes to relax and watch the butterflies! You can walk about or just sit down. How about a count from Otter Cottage garden if you’re staying there? You could just watch from your veranda at the lodges. We’ll certainly be doing some repeats and more locations – it’s not a case of just one 15 minute count per year.