Explore where our water comes from #30DaysWild No. 9

Here’s a wild idea – head up to Dartmoor and start to really appreciate where our lovely fresh Devon water comes from.  Clear your head, maybe get a different perspective on things, and commit to keeping unnecessary plastic out of the bins. #30DaysWild No. 9.

Our tap water is free, clean and local. It depresses us no end to see all these spring water bottles in the bins at the lodges –  water from Derbyshire, Scotland, some even from overseas.  OK, they’ll be recycled,  but why ship water in bottles carried on lorries when wonderful water comes right out of the tap?

Here are some Dartmoor mini adventures ‘doable’from Wheatland Farm.
Belstone Tor
Meldon Reservoir to Black A Tor Copse NNR
Crossing from North Dartmoor to Two Bridges


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