Frogspawn in January


Spring must be coming! We have masses of frogspawn in the lodge field seasonal pond. This pond is usually the first to get frogspawn, and we’ve not spotted it in the others yet. Actually, the main wildlife pond usually mostly seems to have toads rather than frogs.

This lot was there on 22 January, and we’re not sure when it was spawned. And we’re not sure when the first sighting was last year, but in 2016 in was 28 January – so about a week later that year.

We’ll have to get the tank out and take some more tadpole clips.

It’s nice to see the frogspawn again – it’s an early-in-the-year treat. Later in the spring we’ll get the toads mating and spawning, and then in June the wildlife pond will probably be literally crawling with little toadlets.