Dartmoor: Okehampton to Two Bridges

We’re just back from this summer’s Dartmoor adventure – a walk across the North Moor with an overnight in the middle. Maggie did it with George when he was ten, so now it’s Euan’s turn. We picked a slightly longer route this time, and didn’t do ourselves any favours with the terrain, which was hard going for fairly long stretches.  But we made it!

Dartmoor is one of the few places you can legally wild camp – so long as you have walked 500m at least from your vehicle and are not on enclosed land.  We wouldn’t recommend a full traverse for fun unless the forecast looks set fair (it was, and the stars were amazing from the bivvy bag), and even then you need to be prepared, be able to navigate, and be confident of your walking abilities. You also need to check there’s no army training planned if you’re going to be crossing the military ranges. But it’s a memorable adventure for active young people and there are plenty of simpler routes too. If you’re thinking about doing this while staying at Wheatland Farm, come and talk to Ian.

The landmarks on our route this year: Okehampton army camp, Rowtor, West Mill Tor, Yes Tor and the High Willhays, Lints Tor, Great Kneeset, Black Ridge, Cut Hill, Devil’s Tor, Beardown Tors, Two Bridges.

Some pics:

Looking back to Yes Tor

Looking out from Highwillhays

Near Lints Tor

Euan as a unicorn

Is that a morning face?

Ian came to meet us, Euan still has the sheep horn and has become a Devil