The stoats are back in the garden

This amazing little stoat is peeping out of the Apex of the welly store room at Wheatland Farm’s Devon Eco Lodges. Seems like we weren’t the only people looking for Easter eggs in the garden this Sunday. Look at those eyes! This creature means business. The birds certainly know they need to look out. All hell breaks loose when the stoat is around, with blackbirds robins and great tits all shrilling their alarm calls and hopping around in the bushes where they think the stoat is. But sometimes they get it wrong, and an orange streak appears somewhere else leaping through the grass with the black tip of its tail showing. In fact, the stoats we’ve seen out and about look a lot more orange than this one, but probably the face is darker than the back – unless it’s a different individual. ¬†We saw stoats often in May last year, but never got a picture. These were shot from the ‘balcony’ of Euan’s new treehouse.


Fingers crossed for the nuthatches which are also using the garden – they mud up their nest entry hole to keep stoats out, but I reckon the stoat could get in at the moment.