The turbine room – great for a rainy Devon day!

After some lovely sunny weather it’s now turned to ‘soft rain’. So it could be a good day to take a coffee to the new ‘turbine room’. Once the farm’s dairy (back in the 1940s – you can still see the date on the trough) it went through a storage phase and has re-emerged as a dry garden, with succulents ferns and even herbs. Ian has put two benches in, one ‘birds eye view’ perch and one at ground level. Why the turbine room? That’s because it also houses all the meters and electrics for the turbine and solar panels. It’s been designated an adult chill out zone – so kids should be accompanied please (partly to sidestep the temptation to press any buttons…) and the lower half of the door needs to be kept shut as there’s an automatic death penalty for any bunnies caught digging up the hollyhocks. Sorry if that sounds draconian, but kids and bunnies do have the rest of our 21 acres to run/burrow through!