Go small game hunting!

From spring to autumn you can go ‘small game hunting’ in our wildlife pond. Voyage out across the pond in the good ship Tender and collect armfuls of invasive Canadian pondweed, which Maggie or Ian will help you search for invertebrates (and the odd newt).

There are some magnificent beasts…

newt at Wheatland Farm

pond dipping at Wheatland Farm
Hopefully, unlike the big game hunters, you’ll be more more interested in shooting with your smartphones than bows and arrows or rifles.

So if you’d like to have a go, give us a shout. Maggie is (almost) always willing to wade in with a bucket!

We’ve sometimes done this activity with family groups in place of a full farm walk, because it’s easier to involve people with limited mobility. So do say if that suits you. Or if someone is interested in wildlife but really can’t get about, we could just do a spot of fairly sedentary bird watching instead (you’ve got to be quiet and patient for that though….).