Christmas and New Year waste

[Maggie] This post is a big thank you to everyone who stayed at our eco lodges and cottage over Christmas and New Year. We asked you to recycle and you certainly did!
Totted up, a total of 146 people nights over the two week holiday period (that figure includes us) produced just 13kg of kerbside waste – and at least 43kg of recycling. I say at least, because that doesn’t include the cardboard and paper yet to be taken to the recycling centre, or any estimate of food waste going into the green cones – and I know you were using them.
So at a time when people often falter on their green intentions, you’ve really made a difference, cutting what might otherwise have gone to landfill by well over 75%, and probably somewhere between 80 and 90%.

Thank you so much. Sorting the rubbish can be one of the more disheartening jobs for accommodation providers trying to be green – but not this time, and that was an extra Christmas present for me!