Recycled office paper

We buy recycled paper for our Devon eco business, just not much of it! I’ve bought a ream of recycled copier paper. Not big news, you’d think…

…Except that I can’t remember when we last bought paper, so this time I thought I’d make a note of it and see how long it lasts.

We just don’t use it much – the prompt this time was needing to refresh the welcome information in the lodges and cottage.

We used to buy office supplies from Viking, but got so fed up with endless catalogues we asked them to take us off their mailing list. The last thing we bought from them was a replacement printer I think – delivered to the farm house door. A fat brochure was delived to the door separately the next day by courier. The paperwork was delivered to the door separately the day after that by the postman. And we’d partly done it to save driving to a shop!

This recycled paper came from a local high street retailer, though I’ve seen it in the big supper markets too. At least it’s getting easier to buy recycled products now.

I’ll add a comment on this post when the paper runs out. Sweepstake anyone?