Wildlife and Management Log 2018

Wildlife sightings and conservation management around Wheatland Farm Eco Lodges

Here’s what we were seeing and doing around Wheatland Farm, Winkleigh in 2018. If you’re looking for more up to date wildlife notes for Wheatland Farm, click here for the current sightings page.

December 2018

27 December, marsh tit at the farmhouse bird feeders.

26 December bats still coming and going from ‘Peter’s Barn’ – you can see them in the Christmas lights.

14 December, barn owl seen along driveway at Wheatland Farm.

12 December, survey walk with Shanti Smallwood from the Devon Wildlife Trust. A wader flew up from the pond, but was gone before we could be sure of ID.

09 December marsh tit at our neighbour’s feeder.

07 December snipe put up from the hedgerow between the wildlife pond and Lower Newland Moor, marsh tit at the farmhouse feeder.

November 2018

26 November visit by Shanti Smallwood from the Devon Wildlife Trust to discuss further opportunities for culm restoration and to have a look around Wheatland Farm.

21 November 10-15 blackbirds feeding on the fallen apples by Honeysuckle Lodge at any one time, and usually joined by a couple of fieldfares and a half dozen or so chaffinch.

19 November Goldcrest feeding like a humming bird on the Scots pine at the top of the drive – the country’s smallest bird! Fieldfares have arrived.

18 November, tree creeper and a late red admiral butterfly in the Wheatland Farmhouse garden

17 November, kestrel hunting in front of Balebarn Eco Lodge. No dragonflies spotted at the pond today, despite the sunshine. Did the tawny owl survey on the veranda of Nuthatch Lodge, but none heard during the 20 mins (heard other times in the week though).

11 November. Still one common darter dragonfly at the Wheatland Farm wildlife pond, and a red admiral butterfly fluttering around Beech Eco Lodge. Lovely sunny day – we are marking the armistice. Tawny owls calling in the evening.

9 November. Pulling nettles along the driveway.

6 November. Scything the bank in front of Balebarn Eco Lodge so grass is short for the coming snow drops.

5 November. Two woodcock on Popehouse Moor SSSI – highlight of today’s bird list, also including: Blue tit, Great tit, Coal tit, Marsh tit, Nuthatch, Goldfinch, Blackbird, House Sparrow, Dunnock, Robin, Jackdaw, Crow, Magpie, Woodcock, Herring gull, Moorhen, Chaffinch, Wren

3 November. Red admiral still to be seen in the Wheatland Farm garden, feeding on the fallen apples. Tawny owl survey this eve but none heard in the set 20 mins.

October 2018

30 October. Still three common darters at the pond, but no southern hawkers.

29 October. First significant frost at Wheatland Farm this year. Is that the end of the dragonflies? Heron landed at the fishing pond at dusk.

27 October. Cows go back to Higher Punchardon Farm

24 October. Commmon darter and southern hawker dragonflies at the wildlife pond, including one egg-laying female.

23 October. One patrolling male southern hawker dragonfly at the wildlife pond

21 october. Southern hawker at Wheatland Farm wildlife pond

18 October. Southern Hawker dragonfly hunting in front of Honeysuckle and Nuthatch Lodges (and a lone dragonfly at the wildlife pond). Guests say a great spotted woodpecker has been coming to the feeder at Nuthatch – ‘We’ve never seen one so close’. The reed buntings are becoming more visible in the reed beds as autumn goes on. There are still red admirals feeding on the ivy. The power company is back to do more trimming under the wires.

17 October buzzard watched on the ground in front of Balebarn Eco Lodge. Nuthatches and coal tits on the feeders.

14 October, second Tawny Owl calling survey for the BTO – female heard during survey – there are plenty around other times too!

10 October Red Admiral, Small Copper and Small White butterflies, Common Darter and Southern Hawker dragonflies. Mowing patches in the eco lodge field and in front of Balebarn Lodge. Also cutting long patches in the Wheatland Farm orchard.

7 October southern hawker and common darter dragonflies still active at the wildlife pond – coming right up close!

5 October the ivy is in full flower and is literally frantic with bees and other flying insects.

4 October. Parties of long tailed tits becoming more obvious as the autumn sets in – 8 in the willows and on the wires by Balebarn Lodge at coffee time.

3 October. Southern hawkers – lots of them still. Common darters ‘in tandem’, and one migrant hawker at the pond (see image). A few small coppers, some speckled wood and red admiral butterflies. Buzzards and ravens calling overhead.

1 October. Small coppers, red admirals, southern hawker, common darter. Nuthatches on the feeders. Burning some of the cut rushes on Lower Newland Moor.

September 2018

29 September Bat detector returned to Chulmleigh. Comma and red admiral butterflies enjoying fallen apples. Lovely fly agaric toadstools spotted by the ‘magic pond’ on Popehouse moor SSSI.

26 September clearing bramble behind the Wheatland Farm eco lodges. Devon Wildlife Trust Bat detector collected from nearby Chulmleigh. One common blue butterfly still flying. Kestrel spotted hunting in front of Balebarn Lodge.

25 September, coppicing a willow that has exploded out of the bank behind Honeysuckle Lodge. Comma butterflies, red admirals, small white butterflies. Swallows still about, feeding over the lodge field and wildlife pond. Still hearing a chiffchaff occasionally.

24 September mowing patches north and south of the chesnut trees below Balebarn Lodge. Red admiral, speckled wood butterflies. Migrant hawker and common darter damselflies still at the pond. A southern hawker dragonfly spotted swooping on a butterfly – could have been a small copper.

22 September, Andrew topped some of the rushes on Lower Newland Moor.

21 September, storms brought down a young apple tree in the orchard behind Wheatland Farm farmhouse. Everything a bit blown about, but still seeing speckled wood, red admiral and comma butterflies, and common darter dragonflies.

19 September. Pulling bullrushes again, this time from northern pond edge (field below Balebarn Lodge). Southern hawker, migrant hawker, common darter. Small copper butterflies.

18 September, kingfisher on the fishing pond. Pulling ‘bullrushes’ from the northwestern part of the wildlife pond.

17 September, sparrow hawk wheeling over the lodge field. Southern and migrant hawkers.

16 September, migrant and southern hawkers at the wildlife pond, and a southern hawker hunting in the orchard. Red admiral, small copper, small white and speckled wood butterflies to be found.

14 September – heard the kingfisher from the farmhouse bedroom early this morning, and saw it later. If you’re staying in Otter Cottage, listen out for its distinctive piping.

10 September, tree creeper in the Wheatland Farm orchard. Nuthatches on the feeders. Kingfiisher on the fishing pond. Migrant hawker, common darter, and southern hawker dragonflies (and finally a decent picture of the southern hawker…).

09 September, small copper, red admiral, specked wood, small white butterflies. Common darter, migrant hawker and southern hawker dragonflies. Sparrowhawk and Buzzard.  30-40 swallows and house martins feeding over field below Balebarn Lodge. Cut back nettles to side of path leading to Popehouse Moor.  Cut grass under trees by Beech Lodge.

07 September, small copper, common blue, small white, red admiral butterflies. Dragonflies still on the pond – migrant hawkers, common darters, a single southern hawker and one lone emerald dragonfly. Heron still around. Hedge trimmed the phragmites on the western side of the wildlife pond while water level still low, leaving plenty for roosting birds. Mowing lodge field – established patches.

06 September, heron at the fishing pond. Power company here at Wheatland Farm to cut trees under high tension lines. Coppiced one ash in the corner of the lodge field and proposed other cuts on other days.

05 September, Kingfisher spotted, comma butterflies, small copper and common blue butterflies all still to be seen around the wildlife pond below Balebarn Lodge.

05 September, circular patch in front of Beech Lodge mown for first time this year. Cuttings removed.

04 September, first reed bunting spotted in ages – recently they’ve all been house sparrows. A sign of the changing season? And a hedgehog in the farmhouse barn.

03 September Badger caught on wildlife camera

02 September orchard patches re-mown – will have some birdsfoot trefoil added and be mown long in 2019.

01 September patch between sweet and horse chestnut trees and main path (field in front of Balebarn Lodge) mown for first time in 2018, cuttings removed. We will add some birdsfoot trefoil seeds to his patch, collected from elsewhere on Wheatland Farm.

August 2018

30 August – taking advantage of the continuing low water level in the main pond to transplant some phragmites plants to the new scrapes near Balebarn Lodge.

18 August Spectacular flights of house martins feeding in front of Beech Lodge and over the lodge field in front of Balebarn Lodge

17 August Lovely toad found hiding out in the wood stack!

16 August Dragonflies are shifting seasons at the wildlife pond. Here’s what’s around now, and Wheatland Farm’s dragonfly species list for 2018 (not really expecting to top 13 now!).

15 August Painted Lady Butterflies are around – though not so common this year.

13 August, weasel spotted at the back door of the farmhouse again, and a common lizard found basking down by the wildlife pond.

12 August migrant hawker and southern hawker dragonflies around the wildlife pond – most of the emperors have gone now.

03 August, weasel photographed by the back door.

July 2018

29 July Common blue butterflies are on the wing again.

24 July recently dug ‘scrape’ to treat hot tub water near Beech Lodge planted with a few Phragmites transplanted from the wildlife pond. This scrape is designed not to hold water, but just to hold it back a while. We will be emptying the hot tub water here and hope to grow some extra reed bed patches. This scrape could be the first of several in the lodge field.

23 July Dark bush cricket climbing the wall!

20 July clouded yellow butterfly seen at the Wheatland Farm Wildlife Pond

15 July pulling some Typha from the pond.

5 July silver washed fritillaries, commas and small skippers abound.

03 July Here comes the digger! We’re making some scrapes in the field below Balebarn Lodge. We hope these will become mini reed beds.

June 2018

Wildlife posts gathered together in 30DaysWild 2018

21 June Barn owl spotted in the orchard – happy mid summer!

05 June labyrinth cut in the field below Balebarn Lodge, top patch on eastern side. Laybrinth itself will be cut short, ‘walls’ left long, and the rest of this patch ‘cut long’ until autumn.

May 2018

23 May – Tawny owls are seen outside their box in the lodge field.

20 May Bluebells!

19 May Cows arrive at Wheatland Farm for summer grazing

7 May we spotted these fox cubs playing

April 2018

29 April baby robins are fledged and out of the nest in lodge field, still being fed by parents. The robin eggs in the poly tunnel haven’t  hatched yet though. Overcast, so the orange tip butterflies aren’t so active, sometimes allowing for close up views. Bird count today included a reed warbler, the first of the year.

28 April A kestrel has been hunting the lodge field frequently over the past 3 days and a moorhen is sitting on eggs on the wildlife pond. The canada goose nest failed though.

21 April first Speckled Wood butterfly

19 April first sightings of Brimstone and Orange Tip butterfies, a bit later that last year’s sightings.

19 April we think it must be a female sparrowhawk eating the pigeons – there’s been another kill just outside Balebarn, with feathers everywhere.

12 April First swallows return, and we celebrate with a cake

Early chiff chaffs and the odd willow warbler

March 2018

31 March Buzzard found dead on the boundary between Wheatland Farm and the Old Shippon. Probably the bird we’ve been seeing sitting in trees a lot recently. Sent to the Predatory Bird Monitoring Service at CEH for analysis (CEH Reference 20179).

30 March, snipe and some kind of sandpiper on Popehouse Moor (when not being disturbed by the Eggesford Hunt!).

28 March Nest watching – there’s a dunnock nesting in the farmhouse garden, blue tits in and out of the old piano in the barn, and goldfinch nesting in the ivy opposite. Please don’t disturb!

27 March first bats spotted at dusk, roe deer in the field in front of Balebarn Lodge.

26 March first white tailed bumblebees on the wing

Foxes hunting in the daytime during the cold snap.

Chiff chaff spotted.

February 2018

Lovely hare lolloping down the road towards Wheatland Farm from Winkleigh late one night.
February bird list – yellowhammer, wren, woodpigeon, woodcock, treecreeper, starling, snipe, robin, reed bunting, redwing, raven, pied wagtail, pheasant, moorhen, marsh tit, mallard, magpie, long-tailed tit, jay, jackdaw, house sparrow, great tit, great spotted woodpecker, goldfinch, goldcrest, fieldfare, dunnock, coal tit, chaffinch, carrion crow, canada goose, buzzard, bullfinch, blue tit, blackbird.

Recent birds: big flocks of mixed starlings and thrushes, the usual suspects at the feeders (nuthatches, great spotted woodpecker, robins, blackbirds, blue tits, great tits, coal tits, sparrows, dunnocks, goldfinches). Jays feeding in the fields. Nuthatches have started to be noisy again – must be thinking about nesting.

January 2018

Plenty of birds at the feeders, greater spotted woodpecker, goldfinches, robins, several diffent tits (blue, great, coal).

Frogspawn on 28th – could have been there a while too. Other people say they had frogspawn much earlier

Trouble with Eggesford Hunt on 6th January

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