More nests and escaping hens

Sadly the dunnocks didn’t make it. No clues as to what happened but one morning no nest and no birds. What a shame. Still, there are other successes. This is probably a dormouse hibernation nest in a sedge at Plovers Barrow, the thatched cottage at the end of the drive that we’re managing this year. And it looks like it’s already been vacated – you can just see an exit hole. I didn’t prod and poke though as despite todays sunshine there’s bad weather on the way and the dormouse might still be having a lie-in.

Back on our own doorstep there’s a downy brown robin chick flying around the barn, still being fed, a wren has built a beautiful nest in the side of a bale of hay in the old hen house, and I think another wren has walled up an old swallow nest above my freezer and has moved in. It’s too high for me to photograph though.
Entrance to a wren's nest woven into a bale of hay
And of course the chickens are getting into full swing in unexpected places. They’ve taken to laying in some straw in one of Ian’s trailers.
Hens eggs laid in the back of the trailer