Wind turbine puts our Devon eco lodges back into energy credit

We’re celebrating, drinking Devon bubbly from Pebblebed wines because the wind turbine has put us back in energy credit. Ie it has now caught up and overtaken our overall consumption despite a busy ‘season’.

Here’s the graph that shows our cumulatiave consumption (purple), our generation (blue), our export (red) and grid import (green). Basically, after a good start the turbine couldn’t keep up with high season summer consumption (to be expected), then kept pretty much parallel for ages into the autumn – we kept expecting the lines would cross but they jogged along.

Wind seems to have picked up a bit now – but it will be interesting to see how things develop from here. It’ll probably be March before we have any sensible idea about what it will generate over a year. We’re almost empty now but busy again at Christmas and New Year, and they are bound to be fairly energy intensive, so we hope to build up a bit of credit before then!