Water from the well?

We’re investigating whether we can switch some of our water consumption to the well. It’s close to the house and has been bugging us for ages that we’re not using it. So Ian has made a start on investigating the feasiblity, pumping it out, and storing water for the garden in a borrowed tank. Now it’s refilling, so we can assess the rate of flow. It must be about the driest part of the year – and it’s certainly the driest I’ve seen the farm in the past 5 years.

But it seems to be replenishing at only around 100 litres an hour. There was a store of 5-6000 litres when it was full, but it’s not recovered yet (about a week later). So it looks like we could probably run the house on it, and maybe the laundry, but probably not the lodges.

Using it just ourselves would make it easier on sterilising it to begin with too. We could keep mains for drinking water (no bottled stuff here), but run the loos, shower, bath and probably the laundry on well water from a header tank.

Exactly when is another question though. It wouldn’t cost that much, but it would be disruptive, digging up concrete for pipes and pumps, replumbing part of the house. Meanwhile, we’re flat out with guests and the new eco lodge. So it’s on the ‘to do’ list, but realistically there are other things ahead of it for the time being.