Energy exporters, long may it last…

We are net exporters to the grid – for now at least. The wind turbine, installed on 16th May, has generated 280kWh of power, and we’ve used 220kWh. That’s for the house and the 4 holiday accommodation units.

Of course, the wind won’t always blow, and our requirements will vary. But it’s a good start and we’ll be monitoring our progress so others can judge whether this is a good way to go.

Overall, if wind estimates are anything to go by (and there’s always the risk they aren’t), we expect the turbine to cover our energy needs for the house and business. Even with the new eco lodge we hope to at least break even and generate the equivalent of 100% of our own power requirements. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, here’s a little clip of the installation process – to balance the rather more dynamic, ‘dramatic music’ version the manufacturers produce!

Excuse the voices off – this is life at Wheatland Farm.