New green network for Winkleigh

A friend and I have been meaning to get together for a drink and to ‘talk green’ since the chutney swap last October. Well this week we got things underway at the village pub. And encouragingly 14 people turned up. That’s not bad for a start. We had a Parish Councillor, the ex head of communications at the Natural Environment Research Council, and people interested in everything from low energy homes and transport to plants on verges, the wildlife of local ponds, and all sorts more. Oh yes, and the bloke who’s doing the lighting in Westminster Abbey for this year’s royal wedding was there. You just don’t know who you live near until you start asking!

Well, it’s deliberately not a new organisation, just a social opportunity that we hope will help people share knowledge and build their enthusiasm for all things sustainable. We’ve started with a posterous group where people can chat and we’ll see how it goes from here.

Already people are exchanging excess garden plants!