The new ecolodge master bedroom – framing the view with wood wool boards

Finally some walls are going up, and we can begin to envisage the views. This is looking out from the master bedroom through walls taking shape out of wood wool. View from Balebarn eco lodge master bedroom window, framed as the woodwool boards go up

To quote the supplier, Ty Mawr,:”They are strands of wood bound together with minerals. The Ty-Mawr range of boards conform to EN 13168 and are certified Ecobiocompatible. They are waterproof, freeze-proof and damp-proof, making them appropriate for use in even the most severe temperature conditions. Swiss regulations classify these products as practically incombustable.”

And as an added bonus, they have low embodied energy and they’re good sound barriers too, which will be useful for the internal walls.

The wood wool boards make a sandwich, with straw bales for insulation in between. They’ll be rendered (probably with lime) on the outside. I quite like their tactile appearance, but it could be a bit overpowering!

Wood wool boards stacked inside the shell of Balebarn ecolodge

Here they are stacked up. One advantage on a self build is that they’re pretty robust to the elements, and don’t have to be covered up immediately.