FSB Environmental Responsibility – a grand night out

We were runners up to Pipex – but they deserved it…

Pipex won this year’s Devon Federation of Small Businesses Environmental Responsibiliy Award but we still got to go and get our finalists’ certificate. It was a bit of a posh do – Ian had to dig out the black tie thing. I had to find a dress – haven’t worn one these last 10 years.

It was fun – a night out in Torquay. We met the team from Pipex – a much much bigger outfit than us and producing plastic fittings – so working in a field where you have to carve out a green niche. They’ve done a lot and were worthy winners.

Now I’ve got nothing against South Devon, or Torquay for that matter, but I have to say one of the best things about the night was coming back home and leaving suburbia and B&Qs and mini round abouts far behind.

The may blossom is festooning the hedgerows, the foxgloves are out, the chickens are around the door and the clover is flowering on the ‘lawn’. I shan’t miss corporate life even if it’s another 10 years before I wear a dress again.