A guided walk around Popehouse Moor for the Winkleigh Society

[Maggie] On Saturday we hosted a walk for the Winkleigh Society. It was a follow up to my wesbite project, Winkleigh Places, back in April.

Of course, Popehouse Moor is my most treasured place near Winkleigh, and it was lovely to be able to share it with other local people who don’t normally get a chance to see it. It was just a shame that the orchids aren’t out yet.

I have to say that one of the best bits was actually when we got back – and sampled Marie Claude’s cakes and a much needed cup of tea. Ian had put chairs out in the new lodge, as yet without it’s walls but that just enhanced the view. The lodge itself doesnt look much, but it’s only just ‘out of the ground’. That’s Mike Moser’s wood in the background ready to become very local and sustainable stud walls.

Every body got a chance to chat and it was a glorious sunny afternoon.