Buying recycled goods

support recycling - buy recycled products! [Maggie] It may seem obvious, but if we want to be able to recycle our rubbish we’d better buy it back again…

support recycling - buy recycled products! …otherwise there’ll be no market. It makes sense intrinsically, but I have to admit I’ve only recently really taken it on board. Of course, we’ve long bought recycled toilet and kitchen paper. And charity shops provide our replacement teapots etc. But that has been more about not cutting down trees and reducing waste rather than closing the recycling loop.

So in future, I’ll be looking out for products made from recycled materials as a matter of priciple. Yes, I bought these from Tesco. Some might question my principles there… But at least the labling was clear – they’re made in the UK from recycled farm plastic. And today I almost got conned into buying ‘recyclable’ bags in Lidl. On the shelf it said Recycle rubbish bags. Bad English? An eco instruction? More like a fiddle. On closer inspection, the bags were made from recyclable, not recycled, plastic. Well, most of it is if you have the right facilities – but who recycles their bin bag?! Certainly not the council after they’ve collected it. Green wash I call it.