DIY solar air heater update

DIY solar air heater at our Devon eco lodges
We found a computer fan for the DIY solar air heater

DIY solar air heater at our Devon eco lodges…thanks to Gareth and his computer shop in Barnstaple (01271 327627). Gareth doesn’t like chucking stuff away any more than we do, and kindly gave us two fans. He repairs computers and sells reburbished ones – so maybe we’ll be back to see him later. IT can be destinctly ungreen sometimes and the big suppliers aren’t always great at their recycling.

Ian fitted the fan into some spare drain pipe, put the pipe and a back board on the contraption, mounted a 12v solar trickle charger we used to top up the electric fencing onto the front, and stood it facing the evening sun.

It worked a treat. Really impressively well. It was late afternoon, almost dappled shade, in mid October yet a hand to the end of the pipe detected a steady and surprisingly strong stream of warm air. Ian’s Dad says he has a pair of heat probes
hanging around from when he did energy saving consultancy work (back in the 80s!) so we hope to get some proper figures.

Next decision – how to weather proof it and where to put it…