Visitors’ charter

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Want your Devon holiday to be even more sustainable?

If you’ve booked your accommodation with us you’re already making a real contribution – thank you! The money you pay for your holiday finances our conservation work. But if you want to do even more, here are a few ideas for how you can be a responsible visitor…

  • Support other local businesses – when you eat in the pub, use the farm shop or visit local attractions you’re really boosting the local economy. And that keeps your holiday destination the place you wanted to visit. See our things to do pages for great Devon days out and keep an eye on our Facebook posts for local events.
  • Take a car free day out – why not leave the car behind for at least one day? Here are some ideas for car free things to do.
  • If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could take a Devon car free holiday! There’s a suggested week long car free itinerary on our car free holidays page.
  • Or simply cut back on your food miles rather than your holiday miles. The energy used up in getting food to your plate makes a really substantial contribution to climate change. Why buy an egg that’s been shipped around the country in a lorry when you can have a local one from up the road? You can buy them at Fiona’s Farm shop, or even at the garage.
  • And our tap water, which is fine to drink, hasn’t been bottled in plastic and distributed in carbon-guzzling lorries. It doesn’t produce the plastic waste either.
  • Waste less (and save yourself some money) – please don’t put food in the bin! If it’s really not fit for consumption take off the wrapping and put it in the compost crocks or biodigester. If you don’t want to take it home at the end of your stay it’s fine to leave it in the fridge or cupboard. It might save the next guest from buying another bottle of ketchup. Or if it’s uncooked but unwanted the chickens might well enjoy it…
  • Recycle – it’ll only take a moment and you’re joining an efffort that’s keeping over 80% of waste out of landfill. You’ll see the crates for the normal glass, tins and clean plastic in the recycing centre (in the old farm yard). We’ll also recycle paper for you, cardboard, tetra-pak type waxed drink cartons so long as it’s clean. But please give it a rinse – not only is the recycling hand sorted, mouldy yoghurt containers and dirty meat trays will attract rats.
  • Turn off things you’re not using – like lights. Please turn down the heating rather than opening a window, and please turn things off when you go out for the day. Yes, the cost of electricity is included in your holiday and yes it’s green anyway, but the broader picture is that we all need to reduce our consumption because it’s costing the earth.