Lodges with Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Looking for a lodge with a wood fired pizza oven? Look no further, it’s here! At Wheatland Farm we’ve added a wood-fired pizza oven to our newly-refurbished Devon party barn. Let us fire up the oven so you can enjoy delicious wood-fired pizzas while watching the Devon sunset over the eco lodge field. The party barn has a huge wooden table, handmade by Ian, complete with benches where friends and family can get together. There’s a sink, power and lighting, extra plates, glasses and cutlery, so you don’t need to carry stuff from the lodges.

And of course there’s the pizza oven itself. It’s a proper clay pizza oven with a big chimney, not just a bought in metal contraption.

The open-sided party barn and pizza oven are just a few metres from the chalet-style lodges, at the Beech Lodge end of our meadow. Sit around the fire pit (actually, it’s a recycled washing machine drum – it makes a great sight in the dark) and feast with family and friends! If you’re planning a really big gathering, you can use the upcycled bungalow bath as an ice chest. Now, who’s got the guitar…?

If you’re holidaying in the eco lodges over the school summer holidays (mid July to end August), it’s likely we’ll fire up the pizza oven one evening each week and invite everyone to join in. Bring your favourite pizza and we’ll cook it for you. We’ll post the evening on Facebook (facebook.com/wheatlandfarm).

Hiring the Wood Fired Pizza Oven

If you’re staying at Wheatland Farm’s eco lodges, you’ve treated yourself to a lodge with a wood fired pizza oven! You can hire it exclusively for the evening for just £15. It makes a lovely evening for a birthday celebration, or just an alternative to the BBQs at each lodge. Ian will start the fire for you and check on it’s progress, give you tips on how to ensure your pizza comes out mouth wateringly good. We’ll also make sure the oven is safe when you go back to your lodge for the night. We’ll give you firewood for the fire pit too, so you can really chill out for the evening.

So whether you’re booking our straw-built Balebarn Eco Lodge (sleeps 8), perhaps with Otter Cottage as a group (adds another 4), or one of the wooden lodges (Beech Lodge, sleeps 6, or Nuthatch and Honeysuckle Lodges, which both sleep 4), the pizza evening is catered for!

Pizza For Vegans Too

Did you think pizza was only for meat and dairy lovers? Think again! We’re serious about environmental impacts here at Wheatland Farm, and are pleased to be welcoming more and more vegan guests. Here’s three ideas for vegan pizza toppings that go beyond the obvious vegan sausage and coconut cheese options….

  • Black bean and olive pesto with slow roasted garlic, green beans and sundried tomatoes in chilli oil
  • Tomato, pre-cooked kale, roast hazelnuts and herb-infused olive oil
  • Tomato base, onions, peppers and ‘veese’ – better than the supermarket fake cheeses, it’s a red leicester coloured savoury vegan topping for toast, pizza or whatever that you can make at home from simple ingredients. Ask Maggie for a taste and the recipe. No, she’s not vegan, she just often eats and cooks vegan food.

Sunset over from the eco lodge meadow at Wheatland Farm