Welcome to Otter Cottage at Wheatland Farm

If you need to contact us, you can email info@wheatlandfarm.co.uk, or telephone 01837 83499 or phone, text or WhatsApp to 07780708747. WhatsApp is best – because wifi coverage is better than mobile signal here.

Arrival time is 4pm and departure time is 10am. If you plan on arriving late or leaving early do let us know.

Otter Cottage – how it all works

Waste and rubbish

At Wheatland Farm we can recycle almost everything – so long as it’s clean.

  • Please take washed recycling to the recycling centre between the lodge field and the old farmyard. That includes tins, glass, paper, card, cartons, tubs etc. There are some boxes for intermediate storage under the sink.
  • All food waste and paper towel (not wet wipes) goes in your food collection bin, and, if you fill that, into the larger collection caddy near the recycling centre. Just ask if you’re unsure.
  • Please don’t put food or food dirtied items in any bin – we don’t have a waste stream for mixed waste. Rubbish is sanitary products, foil crisp packets, really irretrievably greasy BBQ foil, plastic-based wet wipes (it’s so much better not to use them), broken shoes – things like that.
  • We encourage you to take your left over food home with you. But if you can’t or don’t want to please still don’t put it in the bin! Leave it on the kitchen table. Or in the freezer if it’s frozen peas and an spare ice cream. The chickens like peas – and we’ll think of something to do with the icecream…
  • Batteries (and electricals) – leave these in a pot by the bin and we will ensure they don’t end up in landfill.
  • Dog poo goes in the dog poo bin in the old farmyard (wrapped please).

The Induction Hob

The hob in Otter Cottage kitchen is induction. If you’ve not used induction hobs before, you’ll find they heat up and cool down as fast as gas. But they only work with induction suitable (magnetic) pans. See this short demo for how the controls work.

Hot Water

Your hot water is solar, with an immersion top up. The top up switch is in the cupboard just to the right of the bathroom door. Press the grey lozenge button. One press turns on the immersion heater for 30 minutes, 2 presses gives an hour, three presses 2 hours. Four presses switches it off again. (There’s a similar switch for the heater in the main bedroom.)

The Woodburner

Otter Cottage has a woodburner – your first basket of firewood is not charged, then refills are £2. This short video explains how to use the woodburner.

Power cuts

If there’s a power cut, it’s usually temporary. If it persists, ring Western Power Distribution on 08006738105 for more details and contact the farmhouse. The fuse box, should you need it, is by the main door. The cottage has RCD protection.


Wifi code is ottercottage. If there’s a hitch, please don’t try to adjust the modem, even if you think you know what you’re doing, as the set up across Wheatland Farm lodges is complex. Instead, contact Ian if there are problems.


Otter Cottage is non-smoking. If you smoke outside, please dispose of butts responsibly.

Accessibility equipment

If you find you need something, please ask. There’s a list of equipment to borrow on our accessibility pages (subject to availability).


There’s a shared washing machine near Balebarn Lodge, £2 per load (includes soap). Please contact us at the farmhouse if you want to use it.

Around the farm

BBQs – There’s a freestanding BBQ on the patio at Otter Cottage.

Campfire site – please message Ian about wood if you’d like to have an evening fire in the meadow. You can use the site in the main lodge field (not the one just by Balebarn Lodge).

Exploring: Feel free to wander anywhere within the red line on the map below, but please respect our neighbour’s privacy (they don’t usually turn into dragons, but you never know). Parents/carers – there is a simple tree house, built for our own kids, among the trees at the southern edge of the lodge field. We check it routinely, but please also go and look, and decide whether or not you are happy for the kids to play there, as you use it at your own risk. Note there may sometimes be standing water in the wet area where we drain Beech Lodge hot tub (top corner of the lodge field). Popehouse Moor Site of Special Scientific Interest (no dogs here please) is the area at the bottom of the map, running the length of our land. It is bordered by the woodland fringe at the bottom of the turbine field and below the big wildlife pond. Please leave gates as you find them, and expect to encounter cows in summer, mud, and sometimes electric fences on Popehouse Moor.

Nature walks: are available with Maggie by appointment. There is no charge.

Dogs outside should be on leads at all times please – to protect the wildlife, from ground nesting birds to voles and delicate flowers. Since the COVID lockdowns we’ve had so many more doggie guests we’ve had to raise the restrictions. Sorry – it has just got to that stage! Also, please don’t take dogs onto Popehouse Moor SSSI, even on a lead. There is a dog waste bin in the old farmyard. See our terms and conditions for full ‘dog rules’.

1. Main campfire site (there’s a separate one for Balebarn Lodge) and badminton area; 2. Treehouse; 3. Bikes (two sheds); 4. Farmhouse; 5. Turbine room (good for coffee on a wet day); 6. Fishing pond; 7. Wind turbine; 8. Wildlife pond; 9. End of the turbine walk; 10. Entrance to Popehouse Moor; 11. V wet area!; 12. Woodland pond.

Badminton: You can borrow equipment for the lodge field badminton/volleyball pitch from the farmhouse. Please return it to us personally, for cleaning between users.

Boats: ask Ian for the briefing, then you can borrow the key. Please return the key, paddles and any buoyancy aids, directly to us at Wheatland Farmhouse. Please read the terms and conditions.

Wild swimming: the water between the pontoons gets deep quickly. Please only swim if you’re a confident swimmer and accept the inherent risks of wild swimming. You are responsible for your own and children’s safety. Please read the terms and conditions.

Bikes: Talk to Ian. You may be able to borrow a bike to keep for your stay. If you want bikes for long trips, please come and chat. Please read the terms and conditions.

Wellies: we have a few to borrow. Please return them to us for washing.

Local facilities and food

Please see the current information on the main welcome page, and in the things to do section of the Wheatland Farm website.