Winkleigh Green Group’s plastic recycling still going strong

Today was switch over day for the Winkleigh plastic collection our local green group started over a year ago. Philippa has organised a transition from the cages by the community centre to a monthly supervised ‘collect and sort’.

Collections will be once a month (10-11am first Sat.). As well as plastics they take cardboard – which is great for us ‘outlying’ residents as we don’t get a green wheelie bin for card. We’ll help out when we can – but Saturday is our change over day for the cottages and lodges so we might be doing most of our share in the winter months when we’re less busy.

First one went well, with a photographer from the local paper and a goodly collection of plastics and cardboard. The lorry went away well loaded.

New sewage plant for our eco lodge

We’ve chosen a bio rock sewage treatment system for the new Eco lodge. It uses no power, is good with variable loads and has an excellent discharge quality.

Here it is being ‘discharged’ from the lorry! A bit of a tricky moment for Ian but at least they don’t factory test them before delivery.