Green holidays in Devon

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Have a truly ‘green’ Devon holiday

Your holiday lets us farm the land around your accommodation for wildlife

That’s Wheatland Farm’s primary aim. Our other aim is to offer you quality low carbon holidays. These twin goals guide all our business decisions.

Wheatland Farm has won many awards for sustainable tourism. We run the whole farm for wildlife, and one third of it, Popehouse Moor, is a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its culm grassland habitats and rare plants and animals. We use traditional management techniques here in consultation with Natural England and the Devon Wildlife Trust. We take great care over the environmental impact of both the business and our own lifestyles.

By staying here you help make this countryside management financially viable – Thank you!

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Why a green holiday is worth having

A green holiday is good for you, good for the wonderful Devon countryside you came to see, good for local economies, and good for the long term too.

Wheatland Farm is for everyone and every shade of green, from not really interested (don’t worry, your holiday will be comfortable and normal, but you’ll still be making a difference) to committed campaigner (we hope we’ll meet your high standards and that you’ll share your experiences with us). Our aim is pragmatic greening that’s relevant to your home too.

Award winning holidays

We’ve twice won the top sustainable tourism award in England: Visit England’s Gold Award for Sustainable Tourism (in 2012 and again in 2015). But this page isn’t about polishing Wheatland Farm’s trophies (more about our awards for green holidays here – if you’re interested), it’s about our environmental philosophy, how we minimize the impact of your holiday, and how your consumer choice makes a real difference for good in Devon.

Better accommodation for you

Being green means the eco lodges are extremely well insulated, making them cosy even in winter. All the lodges and the cottage have solar hot water (with immersions for top ups). Balebarn Lodge and Otter Cottage have a wood-burning stove and we use our own well-managed wood. Appliances are chosen for efficiency. Fridges are A+ minimum, and all hobs are induction (but if that’s a problem for medical reasons please let us know). And our upcycling ethos brings bags of style to your accommodation.

A better farm holiday for you

You’re free to explore Wheatland Farm’s 21 acres. Since there’s very little heavy machinery, there are not many farm hazards – so that means fewer no go areas. And did you know you can borrow bikes, borrow boats, borrow wellies, borrow fishing rods and take a free guided nature walk at Wheatland Farm? We believe that by choosing to stay here you’ve already ‘bought into’ the project — so you get to share all the good bits. Wheatland farm is more than a place to stay, it’s a place to be.

Clean green power

We generate our own renewable electricity with an 11kW Gaia wind turbine (standing proud in a field) and solar PV panels (on Balebarn eco lodge). When the wind isn’t blowing our electricity is still green – from a 100 percent renewables electricity company – Good Energy. Our farmhouse has a biomass boiler that uses logs from the farm (as do the wood burners in Otter Cottage and Balebarn).

Electric car charging points

Exploring Devon in an electric car? Plug into our charging points close to Otter Cottage.

Wildlife from your window

Barnowls, swallows, butterflies, wildflowers, goldfinches, stoats, hedgehogs, foxes, badgers… depending on the season and your patience there’s always something to see.

Your holiday won’t let Devon go to waste

We can recycle almost anything at Wheatland Farm, and your help means we keep over 80% of waste out of landfill. Food waste, plastic, tetrapak, glass, paper, card, batteries, electricals…just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean a return to stinking black refuse bags. People expect better these days, and we’re delighted to be able to provide it.

Holiday like a local

As well as adding things to do on Wheatland Farm we’ve gathered info on things to do nearby, places to eat, adventures and treats etc. Whether you’re entertaining a family or indulging in chill out time, we’ve got ideas and local knowledge to share. And when you stay local, you get treated like a local, as well as helping sustain the countryside you came to visit.

Have a car free Devon holiday

Most people come by car — but you don’t have to. We can collect you from the nearby station or bus stop, lend you bikes, and generally help you out if you’re not driving (we admire your efforts!). It’s not for everyone, so to help you decide we’ve pulled together the car free Devon holiday pros and cons.

Read on for our policies.
And you’ll find more about our sustainability decisions on our blog pages.