#30DaysWild No. 5 Sinks And Stones

Shows Ian digging in the Wheatland Farm Lodge Field

We’re incorporating some rocky habitat into a new outdoor hand washing point we’re putting in the lodge field. We’re using old metal tree guards as ‘gabions’ that we’ll fill with rocks and stone, and a recycled steel sink. Here’s Ian breaking the ground, so we can secure the gabions properly.

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#30DaysWild No 4. Blue Tits In A Gate Post

Image of blue tits in a gatepost nest at Wheatland Farm's Devon Eco Lodges

Today’s Random Act of Wildness is to top up the mealworms we put out for the birds. It’s an important food source at the moment because parents are struggling to feed their broods – like this one. But just look where these blue tits chose to nest!

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#30DaysWild 2. Dragonflies egg laying at the pond

Male emperor dragonfly at Wheatland Farm's wildlife pond

A few days ago we posted about Broad Bodied Chasers emerging at the wildlife pond below Balebarn Eco Lodge. Now the place is humming with dragonflies.

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#30DaysWild 1. Southern March Orchids

Image of a southern marsh orchid at Wheatland Farm, Devon

It’s that time again – June is when the Wildlife Trusts run their 30 Days Wild campaign, challenging us all to do something for nature every day of the month. So today at Wheatland Farm we’ve been checking up on special flowers.

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Wheatland Farm’s Current Corona Virus Statement

updated 21 May 2020

Staying At Wheatland Farm Eco Lodges

We look forward to welcoming you again at Wheatland Farm’s Devon Eco Lodges. You can book ahead for the summer and autumn – we’ve made booking easier, final payment due dates later, and refunds better.

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Thanks to everyone who supported George

George and 2 friends undertook to walk 55 miles ‘around their gardens’ in full Dartmoor Ten Tors kit, replicating the cancelled event and raising money for MSF’s corona virus appeal. And you helped keep him going. Thank you!

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Corona Virus – Wheatland Farm’s Current Statement

updated 30 April 2020

Staying At Wheatland Farm Eco Lodges

We’re using the lockdown period to stay ready to welcome you back. When and if the restrictions are lifted, we look forward to seeing you again at Wheatland Farm. You can still book ahead for the summer and autumn – we will be here.

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Mowing grass at Winkleigh’s ‘community trees’

Yesterday we took the Wheatland Farm brush cutter mower and hedge trimmer to the community biodiversity area near Winkleigh sports centre.

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Corona Virus Update 23 March

Despite spring sunshine, the storm is almost upon us. This page outlines our current planning for the coronavirus outbreak, and will be updated as appropriate. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Corona Virus Update 19 March

Daffodils are blooming, bumble bees are bumbling, frogs are singing at the pond…. but we’re all worried about corona virus. Here’s our latest thoughts at Wheatland Farm.

This page outlines our current planning, and will be updated as appropriate. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Regional Recognition And Renewed Commitment

Wheatland Farm receiving the bronze award for sustainable tourism

We’re delighted Wheatland Farm was been awarded Bronze across the whole south west region (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Bristol…) for Responsible Ethical and Sustainable Tourism in this year’s South West Tourism Awards.

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Double Locks Pub, Exeter Canal

Some pubs are for escaping to when it rains, some are for enjoying the sunshine with family and friends, and the Double Locks Pub on the Exeter Canal is one of those.

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Boatyard Bakery, Exeter

Here’s a tip for a Devon eatery you might not otherwise find – the Boatyard Bakery on the western side of Exeter Quay. Exeter is the nearest big town / city to Wheatland Farm, and makes a good day out by train, bus or car.

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Winners in the Devon Tourism Awards!

Celebrating the Devon Tourism Awards 2019

Silver award logo, Ethical, Responsible and Sustainable, Devon Tourism Awards 2019

Yesterday the Devon Tourism Awards were announced. We’re delighted that Wheatland Farm has added to its trophy collection: the Silver in the Ethical Responsible and Sustainable Award (and commended in the Self Catering Category). It was the 10th Anniversary awards – and we were reminded that we were there at the beginning too, winning Silver back in 2009/10 (and some Golds in the intervening years). We’ve just checked, and in the past 10 years we’ve won over 10 awards for green holidays. So we’re thrilled to celebrate a whole decade at the top of genuinely sustainable tourism!

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