Winkleigh Cider Factory

If you want a really local brew, and a taste of Devon, try the cider made at the Winkleigh Cider Factory. You’ll find it in the local pubs, and the factory has a shop too, where you can try the different varieties and buy some to take home. Continue reading “Winkleigh Cider Factory”

Climb the hill to Torrington for tea and cakes

Climb the hill to Torrington and reward yourself with a coffee at the Plough Arts Centre or perhaps a cake from our favourite bakery, Sandford’s in the square.. Continue reading “Climb the hill to Torrington for tea and cakes”

Wheatland Farm to Hatherleigh Circular Ride

Detailed Route Notes for a 23 mile circular ride from Wheatland Farm to Hatherleigh and back. There are good places to eat in Hatherleigh, and a pub and cafe in Exbourne on the way back.


Wheatland Farm | Ingleigh Green | Monkokehampton | Hatherleigh | Exbourne| Splatt | Middlecott | Ingleigh Green | Winkleigh |Wheatland Farm


Approx 23 miles

Things to See or Visit

The pretty villages of Winkleigh, Monkokehampton, Hatherleigh and Exbourne (need provisions? you’ll be passing Winkleigh stores), gorgeous views to Dartmoor from the top of Hatherleigh Moor, The George in Hatherleigh (or a charming cafe) for lunch; Hatherleigh Pottery; a section of the Tarka Trail (on road), Exbourne’s real ale pub and community shop/Cafe; lovely Devon lanes, Winkleigh Cider Factory shop.

Route Instructions

At the end of Wheatland Farm’s driveway turn LEFT and bike to the main road (about 1 mile)

At the A3124 turn LEFT onto the main road and go a short distance round a corner and down a dip.

Opposite the sports centre, cross the road and take the cycle track running next to the road uphill.

At the top of this hill turn RIGHT through bollards onto a loosely graveled road.

At the next small junction turn RIGHT into the village, past the Seven Stars, Kings Arms and village shop.

At the far end of the village square go LEFT past the Post Office and follow CASTLE STREET road past the community centre / village hall.

Turn RIGHT at the bottom of this road onto EXETER ROAD, then SECOND LEFT onto HATHERLEIGH ROAD.

Continue out of Winkleigh. At FOUR WAYS CROSS go STRAIGHT ON


At the next T junction turn LEFT and over a bridge into MONKOKEHAMPTON

Turn RIGHT in the village, towards HATHERLEIGH (signed)

Continue on this road until you reach Hatherleigh. You will bike along the top of HATHERLEIGH MOOR.

Turn RIGHT as you enter HATHERLEIGH on PARK ROAD and follow this road around and into the center of town, where you’ll find The George Inn, or just down the street there’s a lovely low key but very popular cafe for lunch. There’s also a small pottery, which is well worth a visit.


Retrace route across the top of HATHERLEIGH MOOR but turn RIGHT half way across, at DECKPORT CROSS, heading downhill and southeast.

Follow this road past Upcott and Upcott Dear Park and turn LEFT to Woodhall bridge and Higher Woodhall

At a T junction turn RIGHT towards EXBOURNE.

Exbourne is a really pretty village, and worth exploring. The pub and shop are on High Stree in the centre and easily found.

When leaving EXBOURNE go back up HIGH STREET and turn RIGHT onto FORE STREET


Continue on this road through countryside until you reach a T.


Go through the hamlet of SPLATT and turn LEFT at the next junction, continuing to MIDDLECOTT FARM

At the cross roads at MIDDLECOTT turn LEFT and continue to INGLEIGH GREEN

At INGLEIGH GREEN turn RIGHT and you are back on the road to WINKLEIGH.

Continue STRAIGHT on at FOUR WAYS CROSS and into WINKLEIGH, perhaps detouring to the CIDER SHOP before reaching the village.


At the next T junction turn LEFT

Continue until you reach ZUKI’S Pizza place (blue cafe) at SECKINGTON CROSS

Turn RIGHT on the A3124

Take the next LEFT (Berner’s Cross)

You should recognise the route now, but if unsure, at the T junction follow the signs towards Chulmleigh (not Hollocombe).

Pass FIONA’S FARM SHOP on your left.

After a futher half mile, arrive at Wheatland Farm Driveway