New National Lockdown

With a new national lockdown coming into force on Thursday 5th November, Wheatland Farm will be closing from Wednesday evening, at least until the restrictions are lifted.

We’re really sad we won’t be seeing guests who had booked for autumn breaks. We’ve been in touch with you, and will be in touch with anyone who has a booking outside the current lockdown period as the situation unfolds.

Thanks for staying at Wheatland Farm

We especially want to thank everyone who has visited Wheatland Farm over the past few months: it’s not just our livelihoods and the wider Devon economy you’ve supported, it’s the Wheatland Farm conservation project too. Thanks to your support, that will continue even during lockdown, and whatever this winter throws at us.

Holidays at Christmas and the New Year

So what next? At present, we are still available to book for the Christmas and New Year period. We have no idea what the restrictions will be then, but can’t imagine they will be any lighter than they have been pre lockdown. So we are not accepting bookings for more than 6 people, even in Balebarn Lodge, which sleeps up to 8.

Here in Devon, we’ve been blessed with relatively light restrictions outside of the lockdown periods, but we have to remind potential guests that you bring your home rules with you. If your home region has restrictions on meeting other households, whether indoors or out, they apply to you in Devon too. So we recommend you only book as single households. We will be asking everyone who visits to fill in registration forms and confirm their stay conforms to the spirit, not just the letter, of covid regulations.

Please check our current Terms and Conditions before booking, but in summary here’s the gist of it:

  • If we’re not permitted to be open, you’d get a refund.
  • If you are not permitted to travel because of formal area-based restrictions, you’d get a refund.
  • However, we cannot offer last minute refunds on the basis of individual circumstances. So if you had to cancel because of illness or a requirement to self isolate, we would not refund you. We would, of course, try to help you rebook a similar break, subject to availability, time limits, and changing seasonal prices.

Finger wagging done, Devon can be a fabulous away from it all place for a quiet break, and we hope we’ll be able to welcome you here very soon.

Holidays into 2021

When the daffodils poke their heads through, we sincerely hope we’ll be coming out the other side of all this. Lots of people are already booking spring and summer breaks at Wheatland Farm, and we’re looking forward to seeing you here in Devon.