Double Locks Pub, Exeter Canal

Some pubs are for escaping to when it rains, some are for enjoying the sunshine with family and friends, and the Double Locks Pub on the Exeter Canal is one of those.

The Double Locks Pub makes a great stopping point if you’re doing the Exe Estuary Trail as a big day out from Wheatland Farm. Or it could be just part of a leisurely walk along the Exeter Canal. It’s really geared up to serving large numbers of people – and quickly. We’ve never been served a faster plate of chips!

You can drive there, crossing the Exeter canal at Salmon Pool Bridge, accessed through the Marsh Barton Industrial Estate, but you’d be much better off walking or cycling, as it’s right on Exeter’s multi use trail. You could even arrive by Kayak if you put your mind to it, as there are hire shops in Exeter (try Kayak Hub, which operates from the Exeter canal basin), and the canal makes a very gentle introduction to paddling.

Or maybe you’re doing the Exe Estuary Trail by bike as a grand day out from Wheatland Farm, and need a refuelling spot (hire bikes in Exeter, or take yours on the train). We’ve often stopped at the Double Locks Pub when using the trail, and are delighted to say you’ll find it easy to refill your water bottle with tap water here – just ask at the bar.

Other places to eat near here include the Boatyard Bakery and Cafe back on Exeter’s historic quayside, and the Welcome Cafe, also near the start of the canal. If you’re looking for entertainment in Exeter, hire kayaks, go exploring for museums and the Cathedral or try the Quay Climbing Centre (with Clip ‘n Climb for kids).

Getting to Exeter From Wheatland Farm

Exeter is Wheatland Farm’s nearest city centre, about 25 miles away. You can drive of course, but it’s perfectly doable without a car. You can catch the bus from Winkleigh (borrow our farm bikes to get to the bus stop) or take a train from Eggesford and get out at Exeter Central (or Exeter St David if you want an extra walk along the riverside). So you can take a car free day out from Wheatland Farm and explore plenty of things in Devon’s ‘capital city’.