Recycled plastic kayak for the wildlife pond

It’s here – a fab kayak to add to theĀ  paddle boat and board on the wildlife pond. And it’s made out of recycled plastic. We’d been meaning to get another boat, and got the idea from BBC Spotlight. They had a piece about Surfers Against Sewage and their community programmes collecting marine plastic for recycling into kayaks. Well, this one isn’t part of that scheme, but it was inspired by it.

We’ve long been involved in recycling plastic at Wheatland Farm – dating back to when we helped set up and run a village plastic recycling scheme, which then grew into a sizeable monthly recycling event and going on to our extensive recycling efforts at the lodges. Thankfully, now Torridge District Council have started accepting more in the kerbside collection.

We also make a point of buying recycled plastics – from water butts made from mango chutney barrels, through to roof insulation and even to new bedding chosen because it comes from recycled bottles.

So thanks to all you lovely guests who help us by rinsing out plastic and recycling it! Now you can see the benefit when you paddle on the pond. We just need some warmer weather…