Borrow a bike

Click here for updated info on borrowing a Wheatland Farm bike

At Wheatland Farm eco lodges we have a sizeable and growing collection of ‘farm bikes’, which are all free for you to use on your holiday. We have kids’ and adults’ sizes. They’ve all been rescued from the local recycling centre and refurbished. So they may not be sparkly new, but they are serviceable and fun.

You can’t book them, but we’ve never run out (we have more bikes than we have bed spaces on the farm, though of course if everyone wants the same size we’ll have difficulty).

Children absolutely love borrowing them and riding around the farm. Adults find them a good way to get to the village, local shops including the cider factory, the pub, or just to the start of lovely walks.

If you’re staying here and thinking about a cycling day out we have lots of information, and can unlock the detailed route notes pages on our website for you – they have a variety of trips we’ve tested ourselves, usually taking in a tea shop or two.

House Rules

Borrowing a farm bike means you agree to some simple house rules – please check them out in our Terms and Conditions.

Basically, you ride at your own risk – please check brakes, tyres, steering before setting off. In summer 2020 you may be able to borrow a bike for the duration of your stay, to reduce the risk of covid-19 transmission. See Ian to discuss this. We recommend you use your own helmets. But if taking a bike from the rack, feel free to wash down the handles and saddle with soapy water (bucket and sponge provided). Parents – please don’t let your kids share bikes with another household.