New chairs from a very local supplier

A guest coming to the lodges in September recently asked me if I’d heard of Winkleigh Pine, because a friend of hers had a great kitchen made by them. It reminded me to blog the new chairs for Nuthatch Lodge, bought from Winkleigh Pine who are ‘just round the corner’ at Seckington Cross. They make lovely furniture, much of it out of reclaimed timber. They’re on the road just north of Winkleigh as you get out towards the WW2 airfield. When the last set of chairs had given up the ghost and had started a new life as bee hive stands I bought the new ones from them. We prefer to shop locally (less than a mile here) and even if these chairs aren’t from old wood, it’s good to support a business that sources so much of it’s materials sustainably. Winkleigh Pine’s website is here, though the pictures don’t really do justice to the lovely stuff they make. And if you go in the shop, look out for the suit of armour!