Rainwater harvesting in recycled industrial containers

[Maggie] 2000 litres of lime and ginger body lotion, 1000 litres of tri enzyme rejuvenating mask and 1000 litres of Japanese camelia oil – supplies for our self catering welcome packs? Not quite… They are four 1000 litre industrial storage cubes we’ll be re-using in the new eco lodge to store rain water off the roof. Because of the legislation about drinking water quality in the accommodation we’ll probably only be able to use rain water for flushing the loos, unless we get into energy intensive treatment sytems. But we’ll see. Maybe a clearly labled tap in the kitchen and or bathroom?

The cubes have come from a local company, Barnstaple-based Devon Pallet Recycling. They cost of £48 each. A new one might have cost us up to £600. So thanks are due to our friend Paul for the tip. And good on Devon Pallet Recycling for turning waste into a marketable resource.

The cubes will need a bit of a rinse. Ian reckons there may be a litre or so of the lime and ginger left in one. If I get body lotion in my stocking in a recycled plastic bottle I’ll not know whether to be apalled or impressed.

Probably appalled actually – lime and ginger isn’t really me.