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The dotty daff is back

Do Daffodils count as wildlife? This one does, as we note when it flowers each winter. On 22nd Dec 2015 these daffodils were all out and flowering. This winter it’s into the new year at least – a bit more normal.

Foxy Loxy

It’s winter and the days are short, but this Fox is up and about despite the frost. Here’s just a few seconds of view on the wildlife camera as the fox crossed our nature reserve Popehouse Moor SSSI. One of our New Year’s resolutions is to be out in the empty hours more. Dusk, dawn,

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The restored pond fills up at the eco lodges

The new pond at our Devon eco lodges is filling up… Well, not that new. It’s part of what was the slurry pit system when Wheatland Farm was a working dairy farm. It was filled with junk when we first arrived, and after clearing it we let it get overgrown because we didn’t have time

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Small copper on scabious

Ian snapped this small copper on a Devil’s bit scabious plant on Popehouse Moor SSSI. Beautiful isn’t it! We haven’t seen many of these this year so it’s good to spot this one. They live in small colonies in grassland with only a few adults seen on the wing at any one time.

Vapourer moth

Another fabulous beastie – a caterpillar of the Vapourer moth. It looks like it might even be starting a cocoon on the leaf. Euan found it on the wisteria – we’ll tuck it away again. The adult males fly at this time of year but the boring-looking females are almost flightless, and lay eggs on

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The cows are finally back

Thankfully Andrew and Fiona’s TB movement restriction has finally been lifted and they have been able to move some of their cows to Wheatland Farm. Just in the nick of time for us as we need to be grazing Popehouse Moor and Lower Newland Moor for 10 weeks over the summer. It’s this light grazing

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Orchids in flower

Every year we get a carpet of heath spotted orchids flowering on Popehouse Moor SSSI. Here’s a short clip of some of them in early July 2016. The are such a delight, and confirm our conservation grazing is working. This is one of the highlights of our wildlife year, so if you’re staying in the

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Oak Eggar caterpillar

Just look at this mighty beast! We think it’s an Oak Eggar moth caterpillar. We spotted it attempting to cross the road as we biked down a nearby lane. Crossing Devon’s lanes is usually pretty straight forward – but still Russian Roulette if you’re a moth caterpillar. We hastened this one on its way. If

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