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Sowing more wildflower seeds

Today’s ‘random act of wildness’ was to take a moment to notice what we’ve achieved with wildflowers (down by the wildlife pond) and then to collect oxeye daisy seeds from the early flowers in the poly tunnel and spread them about the newly cut patch in front of Beech Lodge. This time next year –

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Solstice BBQ in the treehouse #30 Days Wild No. 21

Hmmm… Maybe a BBQ for four in Euan’s personal treehouse wasn’t an entirely sensible thing to do. But then it’s #30DaysWild not 30 days sensible. And you have to do something to mark the solstice don’t you.

Dragonflies on the wing

#30DaysWild No.19 Remember the dragonfly ‘skin’? Well here are the dragonflies on the wing. There are masses down by the pond, but they do frequent ‘fly-bys’ of the lodges too. Lots seem to have recently emerged from the pond. These are broad bodied chasers we think. Watch the female in the clip – is she

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Zen moment: 30 Days Wild No. 18

Everyone should have a Zen moment shouldn’t they? And how better to spend the hottest day of the year so far than on one of Devon’s enormous beaches…such as Northam Burrows at Westward Ho! #30DaysWild No. 18

Teasels for flowers and finches: 30 Days Wild No. 17

#30DaysWild No.17. Top tip – teasels make really striking cut flowers, especially if you cut the main stem early in the year, encouraging them to produce lots of smaller flower heads. And what you don’t use in summer become goldfinch magnets in winter!

A lovely evening for badminton: 30 Days Wild No.16

June evenings are so lovely – the kids are outside playing badminton and outdoor chess in the early evening light. I wonder how many shuttlecocks we’ll find next time we mow this bit of meadow… #30DaysWild No. 16

Large skipper: 30 Days Wild 2017 No. 15

#30DaysWild No. 15. Here’s today’s pic – a skipper resting on a heath spotted orchid on Popehouse Moor Site of Special Scientific Interest. We’re not entirely sure which species this is, but perhaps a large skipper rather than a small skipper – because of the chequered pattern on the wings. The black mark would make

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Emerging dragonflies: 30 Days Wild No. 14

Strange things are creeping out of the wildlife pond – and then creeping out of their skins. We’re finding dragonfly ‘casings’ on the marginal plants, and seeing plenty of these amazing creatures on the wing too. We’re not entirely sure what emerged from this exuvia. It looks a bit long and slender for a broad

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Annual amphibian invasion: 30 Days Wild No. 13

Did someone say an invasion of frogs? (Let’s not use the p word). These little creatures were enough excuse to stop us mowing this afternoon. With the blades on high the froglets and toadlets seem to survive pretty well, but all the same what a waste it would be to mow them all down (or

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