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Robin with meal worms on the wall at Wheatland Farm's Devon eco lodges

Ragged Robin

I so feel for this robin – its chicks are running it completely ragged. It has at least 2 in different parts of the garden, hiding in bushes and squealing for food. The robin eyes me through the glass and practically begs for more mealworms, and who could resist?The chicks themselves, when you catch a

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The stoats are back in the garden

This amazing little stoat is peeping out of the Apex of the welly store room at Wheatland Farm’s Devon Eco Lodges. Seems like we weren’t the only people looking for Easter eggs in the garden this Sunday. Look at those eyes! This creature means business. The birds certainly know they need to look out. All

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Bat monitoring

We’re going batty at Wheatland Farm’s eco lodges… Or rather we’re checking out our batty-ness with a bat detector borrowed from the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project. The bat detector stays up for 3 days detecting what’s flying around by recording the bats’ high pitched sounds. The big prize would be Greater Horseshoe Bats, but

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The orange tips are on the wing

April is when the butterflies start taking to the wing. This one is an orange tip – the males have the orange tips – and they are real heralds of spring. They are first seen about the time the cuckoo flower or lady’s smock appears – another early spring flower in the fields. Right now

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The swallows are back for 2017

Yay! The swallows are back! George spotted one over Otter Cottage yesterday evening so now it’s time to bake the annual cake. That’s the first one on the farm for this year though they have been around this part of North Devon for a few days now. Time to prune back the ivy so they

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blackbird chicks in the nest

Blackbirds are nesting in the ivy

These blackbird chicks are looking pretty perky now. They’re in the ivy in the old farmyard at Wheatland Farm. The parents are frantically busy gathering food for them. We’ve been putting out dried mealworms (lots of protein) and keeping the teacup fat balls topped up (lots of energy). Soon we hope to see fully grown

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The dotty daff is back

Do Daffodils count as wildlife? This one does, as we note when it flowers each winter. On 22nd Dec 2015 these daffodils were all out and flowering. This winter it’s into the new year at least – a bit more normal.

Foxy Loxy

It’s winter and the days are short, but this Fox is up and about despite the frost. Here’s just a few seconds of view on the wildlife camera as the fox crossed our nature reserve Popehouse Moor SSSI. One of our New Year’s resolutions is to be out in the empty hours more. Dusk, dawn,

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