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Balebarn eco lodge becomes a recording studio!

Morning Ian, I’ve been meaning to thank you for a lovely few days – and especially for letting us use Balebarn eco lodge for recording. I’ll send you over what we recorded when I’ve edited them down. We didn’t get as much done as we’d hoped for – amazing how unproductive a few G&Ts make

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Our Devon eco lodges win Gold Award for sustainable tourism in England

The Visit England Awards for Tourism Excellence have just been announced. Wheatland Farm Eco Lodges took the Gold award in the Sustainable Tourism Category, presented at the Gateshead Sage yesterday (11 May 2015). We’re surprised and delighted. To come anywhere in the top five is wonderful, especially with the stiff competition. We achieved gold in

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New sewage plant for our eco lodge

We’ve chosen a bio rock sewage treatment system for the new Eco lodge. It uses no power, is good with variable loads and has an excellent discharge quality. Here it is being ‘discharged’ from the lorry! A bit of a tricky moment for Ian but at least they don’t factory test them before delivery.

Solar PV and hot water for the new Eco lodge

Source Renewable, a local firm from South Molton, is installing solar PV on the new Eco lodge. it’s just under 4kW at peak generation. They’ve been really helpful with the solar hot water Ian is putting on too, advising on special mounting for our tin roof. Worst bit was finding rust spots in the roofing

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Eco lodge update: plastering and insulation, and a look back at the windows

Here’s a short video update for the eco lodge. We blogged about the windows when they arrived, but I don’t think we showed it on video. So here they are, coming off the lorry and then opening wide for the view. Wow! Local plasterers Martin and Edward plastered the whole of the inside ‘envelope’, ie

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Local flooring for the new eco lodge

No, not some modern art or fancy jenga game – it’s the larch for the new eco lodge, once again felled just 8 miles away in Mike Moser’s conservation woodland. He milled it for us, but we had to have it ‘thicknessed’ and then sanded. For that it made the short (15 miles) to Mike

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Paper and bottles for roof insulation

We’re insulating the roof in the new eco lodge with recycled newspaper and bottles. Originally it was going to be local sheep wool, but the factory doesn’t treat it against moths etc so we’d have had to get into the roof and spray it each year – and that wasn’t really practical. So instead we’ve

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A bat gap for the new eco lodge

One problem with modern buildings is the lack of nooks and crannies that wildlife can share. Well in the new eco lodge we’re leaving space for bats, sparrows etc under the roof. I can’t say under the eaves because there aren’t any. But there will be a gap between the overlapping cladding, leading to a

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Eco lodge construction waste

We over ordered slightly on the straw, so here’s some of our construction waste going to a good home. Andrew and Tim came and took away about 80 bales of straw. They’ll use it for animal bedding less than a mile from where it was grown. We’ve kept a bit back for the chooks, to

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