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Butterfly counts

This year’s Big Butterfly Count is coming to a close – though you can still post sightings until the end of the month. All you have to do is enjoy a cup of tea for 15 mins and count what you see – the maximum number of each species you can see at any one

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A bit batty

Remember the bat detector? Well, the results are back. We have at least 6 and maybe 9 different species of bats flying near the eco lodges:   Common pipistrelle Soprano pipistrelle Unconfirmed pipistrelle species Noctule Natterer’s Whiskered or Brandt’s Barbastelle Leisler’s or Noctule Myotis – species unconfirmed   Of those, Noctule, Soprano pipistrelle and Barbastelle

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Zebra or a tiger?

George spotted this moth in Exeter when he was practicing parkour in the Cathedral and Quay car park. He snapped it on his phone. We weren’t going to bother looking it up, convinced it was bound to be called a zebra moth. But hey – a quick look in the book showed we were wrong.

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Dartmoor: Okehampton to Two Bridges

We’re just back from this summer’s Dartmoor adventure – a walk across the North Moor with an overnight in the middle. Maggie did it with George when he was ten, so now it’s Euan’s turn. We picked a slightly longer route this time, and didn’t do ourselves any favours with the terrain, which was hard

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Trick Bikes and Scooters Join The Fleet

Coming to a holiday cottage near you! We’ve been given a couple of second hand trick bikes and ‘off road’ type scooters – thanks Jack’s Dad! Ian is fixing them up to go in the eco lodge bike shed. They’ll be ready to use this summer holiday. Looking forward to seeing everyone having fun!

A walk at Fingle Bridge

Fingle Bridge woods makes a lovely walk with a great pub for lunch or a snack. It’s about 19 miles from the eco lodges and combines well with Castle Drogo. In fact, the National Trust’s Castle Drogo land goes all the way to Fingle Bridge, and meets up with Woodland Trust land. It’s now under

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Which way now? 30 Days Wild No. 30

It’s always greyer inside than out, even when it rains. Today’s bike ride was primarily to gain preemptive absolution for Friday night snacks and drinks – but it was worth it. There was a sparrow hawk sitting on a wall, meadow sweet in the hedges, and deer in the far corner of a field. #30DaysWild

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Ringlets in the meadow: 30 Days Wild No. 27

#30DaysWild No. 27. Ringlets are everywhere at the moment – it’s butterfly city out there. It’s one of the main reasons we leave so much long grass (well, that and because it cuts down on the mowing). When you walk through the meadow in front of the lodges there are just clouds of butterflies. How

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