Paddle the boat on the wildlife pond

We know we’ve got it right when you stay on the farm to have fun. The wildlife pond is perfect for a calm moment of reflection… or maybe you’d rather make a splash? In summer we usually have a boat or paddle board available for you to use – just ask for a quick induction first! And of course there are some house rules:

Borrowing boats and swimming in the pond

    You are welcome to swim in the wildlife pond but please expect to encounter wildlife, water weed and mud.
    Do not go out of your depth unless you are a competent swimmer.
    Remember that the water will be cold. You use the pond at your own risk.
    Everyone using the boats/boards must have had the safety briefing.
    You use the boats/boards at your own risk.
    Everyone using the boats/boards must be able to swim 50m unaided, or must be wearing a life jacket (we have a couple of tiny ones you can borrow).
    Children swimming, boating or just playing in the water or at the edge must be supervised at all times – you are responsible for their safety.
    No battles or pranks please.
    Do not use the boats/boards if you have been drinking alcohol or are under the influence of any drugs, prescription or otherwise
    Report any damage, whether or not you caused it
    Do not get into a boat or onto a board unless it is fully supported in the water – or you will break them.
    We reserve the right to charge for any non-trivial damage however caused.
    Lock the boats/board back up after use and return the key.

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